This inter-disciplinary practice caters to the legal needs of senior officers of public companies. Many senior corporate executives need, but lack, advice navigating the many legal issues they face because their companies are publicly traded and much of their wealth is tied up in their company stock holdings. Drawing on the firm’s broad knowledge of and experience in securities law, corporate law, real estate law, employment law, and trust and estates, our lawyers offer wide ranging, practical and cost-effective solutions tailored to these executives.

Our services include review and advice on business and personal contracts, potential real estate or other financial transactions, and trust and estate issues. Beyond this, our attorneys advise executives with respect to their relationships with their corporations. These include employment matters, compensation plans, corporate governance, insider trading and the regulation of insider stock holdings. Among our specific services are preparing Rule 10b5-1 trading plans and facilitating the sale of restricted, control or otherwise not readily marketable securities, areas in which our attorneys have deep experience.

We regularly work closely with our executive clients’ accountants and financial advisors, usually rounding out a team that covers all their financial and legal needs. Should any client need a service that we do not offer—legal or otherwise—we will analyze the problem and recommend a specialist. Our executive clients view our firm as their “general counsel,” looking to us to meet all of their legal needs.